Pages: 117-121
Codes: Ë─╩ 37.01 ┴┴╩ 74.58+88.5
Title: Implementation of Program and Methodical Support of the Studentsĺ Communicative Culture Development in the Institution of Higher Education in Conditions of Innovative Educational Activity
Authors: Stankevich L.V. Non-State Educational Establishment of Higher Professional Education źChelyabinsk Institute of Humanities╗.
Abstract: The problems of development and integration of innovative educational technology and program and methodical support in the process of development of the communicative culture of the higher school students are considered. On the basis of socio-cultural approach a conclusion is made, that program and methodical support of the learning-cognitive activity is the source of changing the content, forms, teaching methods and the structure of the learning process in the institution of higher education.
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