Pages: 106-113
Codes: ÓÄÊ 37.01 ÁÁÊ 74.5
Title: Competence-Contextual Approach to the Modernization of Vocational Education
Authors: Lvov L.V. Candidate of pedagogic sciences, reader in Pedagogy and Psychology, State Educational Establishment of Higher Professional Education «Chelyabinsk State Agronomical Engineering University».
Abstract: The article is devoted to the researches of the process of professional competence formation at the stage of vocational formation of future specialists. On the base of a great methodological material, the main points of view on competency are given. The author gives a definition of «professional competency», «training-professional competency», separates such concepts as «competence» and «competency», and presents findings and abstracts of numerous published works and author’s research works.
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