Pages: 60-64
Codes: Ë─╩ 378 ┴┴╩ 74.58
Title: Quality Management System as Means of Competitive Recovery of an Institution of Higher Education in Conditions of Globalization
Authors: Karpesh K.S. Non-State Educational Establishment of Higher Professional Education źChelyabinsk Institute of Humanities╗.
Abstract: General trends of the change of educational system are discussed. Conceptual bases of modernization of the educational sphere are presented. Under these conditions, the effective means of competitive recovery of an institution of higher education is the educational services quality monitoring. The author offers the usage of QMS as the toolkit. The basic level of implementation of the quality management system is the ISO 9001: 2001 standard. The basic criteria of ISO 9001: 2001 are shown in details. In respect of these criteria, four main approaches to the system of education are designed: tradesmen educational establishment, industrial educational establishment, źsupermarket╗, project institution of higher education. Under project institution of higher education three stages of education are distinguished. The offered system will make it possible to re-shape the philosophy of education and to improve academically.
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