Pages: 126-131
Codes: DOI 10.7442/2071-9620-2020-12-2-126-131 ÓÄĘ 378.147 ÁÁĘ 74.480.26+74.005.5
Authors: H.B. Tsakaeva
Abstract: Human health in the modern conditions of development of society is in the focus of attention of the world community. However, according to Russian Federal State Statistics Service studies, only 12% of Russians lead a healthy lifestyle. It is important to build a process of value-based health and healthy lifestyles among the population. The effectiveness of such a process would be greatly increased if it were implemented by training university students through pedagogical assistance. Therefore, the purpose of the article is to describe the pedagogical conditions for the implementation of assistance to students in forming positive attitude towards healthy lifestyle. Based on a theoretical study of scientific sources, the pedagogical conditions for such assistance were determined. Such conditions are connected with the formation of personality-oriented interaction between a teacher and a student, their involvement in physical activity and manifestation of students’ views on the issue of public health.
Keywords: pedagogical conditions, pedagogical assistance, university students, forming positive attitude, healthy lifestyle, physical culture, worldview.
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