Pages: 30-35
Codes: DOI 10.7442/2071-9620-2020-12-2-30-35 ÓÄÊ 378.14 ÁÁÊ 74.484.4 +74.005.444
Authors: K.A. Novikov, T.V. Osipova, T.M. Dubskikh
Abstract: The topicality of the problem of education of aesthetic sense in the process of training choreography teachers is discussed. The problem is especially important for the whole system of educational process because it includes the development of essential human powers, aesthetic ideas, needs, ideals and world outlook. Opinions of researchers on the problem are analyzed. The reasons hampering the development of aesthetic culture are specified. The essence of the aesthetic as well as the concept of «aesthetic sense» is explained. The specifics of fostering aesthetic sense in the process of training choreography teachers are revealed. The role of choreography courses that facilitate education of aesthetic senses in the future specialist is revealed. It is noted that special attention is paid to culturological approach that provides humanization of the educational process, in training future choreography teacher as a person of culture.
Keywords: aesthetic culture, education, development, aesthetic education, aesthetic sense, aesthetic idea, culturological approach, choreography teacher.
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