Pages: 162-168
Codes: DOI 10.7442/2071-9620-2016-1-162-168 ÓÄŹ 378 ĮĮŹ 74.480.0
Authors: Bogatyrev S.A., Loginov V.V.
Abstract: Value and content of patriotic upbringing of young sportsmen by the methods of physical training are discussed. Derivation of the word “assistance” is introduced. It is interpreted as “Action of values, getting new understanding” of patriotic upbringing of the young generation in today’s society. Semantic characteristic of concept “patriotism” of young sportsmen which engage in applied sports activities as a way to enhance patriotic action is precised. Experience has shown that pedagogical assistance in patriotic upbringing of young sportsmen by the methods of physical training is important in formation of patriotic beliefs, values accepted standard of patriotic conduct. It is a way to instill respect for national culture, national traditions, allowing to be ready to homeland defense, to save and strengthen health, to upscale the physical fitness.
Keywords: pedagogical assistance, patriotism, sportsmen, patriotic upbringing, physical education, physical training.
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