Pages: 153-161
DOI 10.7442/2071-9620-2016-1-153-161
Ë─╩ 377.6
┴┴╩ 74.47
Authors: Korchagina G.└.
Abstract: The timeliness of social and political, social and pedagogical, theoretical and methodological levels of recreationally-ecological training of specialists in tourism is discussed. On the ground of the timeleness the conceptual and categorical framework of recreationally-ecological training of specialists in tourism in Secondary Professional Education are presented. Definitions of professional training, recreationally ecological training, ecological state of affairs, quasinature and recreationally-ecological competence are given. Recreationally-ecological competence is described through its components: cognitive component includes acquisition of certain knowledge operational component focuses on acquisition of skills and value component forms values for successful realization of recreationally-ecological training of specialists in tourism.
Keywords: ecology-oriented type of thinking, recreationally-ecological training, ecological state of affairs, quasinature, recreationally-ecological competence.
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