Pages: 90-95
Codes: УДК 378.147 ББК 74.480.26
Title: Methods of Teaching Scientific Style Speech to Students with Non-Russian Language of Training
Authors: Lezhdey G.P., Aubakirova Ju.D.
Abstract: The article is devoted to a question of methods of training in scientific style of speech at 134 Abstracts students with non-Russian language of training. Authors of the article focus on main types of work with the scientific text. Article is intended for the graduate students and teachers of schools and higher education institutions.
Keywords: methods, text, scientific style, Russian language, student, scientific written language.
List of references:
1. Kalymbetova N.P. New information Technologies in a Technique of Teaching the Russian Scientific Speech of to Kazakh Sstudents. Pedagogicheskoie masterstvo. Moscow: Buki-vedi, 2012, Pp. 334337. [in Russian].
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